About Fly Find

Fly Find is one of the fastest growing, and fastest flying, airlines in the world. Our network of flights connect over 90 airports on all continents and more than 20 000 happy passengers travel with us on an average day.

After its founding in 2003 Fly Find has continously been a driving force for innovation in the airline industry, challenging old paradigms and improving old best practices. Through rapid adoption of new technology and lean management practices Fly Find offers a superior experience to its customers and, since 2006, a fair investment on return to its investors.


That being said..."Fly Find" is a fictional company used this demo-site by EPiServer to demonstrate the amazing power of EPiServer CMS together with the EPiServer Find retrieval engine. Almost all functionality on this site is search-driven. Contact EPiServer to learn more - or get a full demonstration of all our capabilities.